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Product: Sta-Dri gloves
Manufacturer: Atlantis Plastics
Offer Price: $1,110.00
Description: #2GYINZ-LATEX PWD.EXAM LRG. 2 CASES 37.45/cs#2GYPF-3,LATEX PF LRG. 8 CASES 35.66/cs#2GYPF-2,LATEX PF MED. 1 CASE 35.66/cs#2GV-3, VINYL PWD LRG. 5 CASES 25.18/cs#2GV-2, VINYL PWD MED. 6 CASES 25.18/cs#2GVPF-3, VINYL PF LRG. 1 CASE 28.75/cs#2GVPF-4, VINYL PF X-LRG. 5 CASES 28.75/cs#2GYIN-2, LATEX PWD MED. 1 CASE 30.78/cs#2GNPFZ-3, NITRIL PF LRG. 4 CASES 58.53/csSold as a lot of 33 cases

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