Do you have Slow Moving Obsolete Goods or Excess Inventory?
Want cash for excess inventory?

Want deals on items you purchase?
!!No Fees to List or Register!!

Deadstock Network is the answer!  It is easy as 1-2-3.   
  1. Search for an item to buy – Click on Buy an Item
  2. List items to sell – Click on Sell an Item
You can upload a spreadsheet or enter the items you want to sell directly into the website. Everyone with an internet connection can see what you want to move and purchase it with a click of a button.  Just register today and you are on the way to finding deals and converting your slow moving inventory into cash!

Every business has a corner where they store dead and slow moving inventory.  It is the nature of business to accummulate some items that are no longer needed or not selling.  This does not mean that these items have no value.  The only reason they are not being sold is no one knows you have them and are willing to cut them a deal to take them off your hands.

Deadstock Network was designed to create a market for these items.  Your slow moving items are being purhcased and sold by someone in the US marketplace.  Someone’s trash is another man’s gold.  On the flip side, items you purchase might be available at discounted prices because they are in someone else’s dead inventory. 

Our market research indicate that there is a need to solve this problem.  We hope that this site will be the solution to this problem. Sellers only pay a small commission when they receive orders.  Be patient it may take a number of months for this to catch on.  The key is that you must be willing to purchase for this market place to catch on and flourish.  If you want to sell items then take a look at what others need to move and buy what you currently sell.

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